Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area

Ngonye Falls, Visitor’s Center, Zambia (Supported by DGIS and PPF)
Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
KAZA TFCA Landscapes
KAZA TFCA office-Sesheke Zambia (supported by WWF Netherlands and WWF Germany)
Traditional Dancers, Namibia
African Elephant, Chobe River, Botswana
African Fish Eagle, Chobe River
Impalas, Chobe National Park
Chili Production HWC, Namibia
Chobe River Sunset
Traditional Dancers, Botswana
Hippopotamus, Chobe River, Botswana
Darter Chobe and Zambezi Rivers
Infrastructure development (Sioma Ngwezi HQ)


Future plans for the KAZA TFCA centre on the attainment of the following mid to long term objectives:

  •  Formalizing the establishment of the KAZA TFCA by signing a Treaty in 2011.
  • Ensuring that functional and effective institutional arrangements are in place – including operationalisation of the working groups and National Steering Committees.
  • Securing a core regional conservation estate and corridors to facilitate wildlife movements across international boundaries.
  • Clearing landmines in the Angolan component of the KAZA TFCA.
  • Developing multilateral protocols to harmonise the management of wildlife resources and the movement of tourists across international boundaries.
  • Developing required infrastructure to serve the wildlife and tourism sectors.
  • Promoting awareness of the KAZA TFCA amongst local communities and ensuring their participation in planning and implementing development activities.
  • Developing tourism in the TFCA with a harmonised and phased approach.
  • Developing a long term programme that reduces the KAZA TFCA’s dependency on foreign donor funds.