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KAZA Concludes Destination Branding and Corporate Identity Stakeholder Consultative Workshops

The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area ( KAZA TFCA) Secretariat is working with Partner States, comprising the Republics of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, to develop a tourism destination brand and corporate identity for the TFCA. A South African tourism consulting firm, “the Journey”, has been commissioned to lead the initiative.

As a foundation for the brand development process, seven consultative workshops were recently held to garner industry perspective in creating a brand that reflects the true character of the destination and is fully supported by stakeholders. The workshops gathered tourism and conservation stakeholders from four of the five KAZA Partner States to collectively brainstorm the aesthetic elements of a brand that would best position KAZA as a leading tourism destination. The stakeholders comprised national tourism organisations / tourism boards, national agencies responsible for parks and wildlife, community-based tourism representatives, tourism private sector association representatives, and private sector operators.

According to KAZA Secretariat’s Programmes Manager, Ms. Netsai Bollmann, “Tourism and conservation in KAZA are interdependent. Tourism is the largest source of market-based funding for Protected Areas in KAZA. On the other hand, tourism in KAZA is dependent on healthy natural and cultural heritage assets. As a landscape within which people are coexisting with wildlife, and that is rich in nature and cultural heritage, KAZA is uniquely positioned to be a leading regional and international tourism destination.”

In 2021, the KAZA Ministerial Committee resolved on the need for joint tourism marketing and development initiatives to increase tourism to and within the landscape. The destination branding and corporate identity initiative is part of ongoing efforts to actualize the Partner States’ desire to make KAZA a globally attractive and competitive tourism destination. With the envisaged destination brand, KAZA is on its way to leveraging and supporting the tourism stakeholders and authorities to market themselves as being part of a leading and attractive single tourism destination.    

Insights and information regarding the kind of destination brand stakeholders are prepared to support and be part of were gained from the workshops, and this information will inform subsequent stages of the brand development process. The destination brand and corporate identity initiative is funded by the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW, and is the first of several tourism marketing and development assignments to be delivered by the Secretariat working with Partner States this year. Other tourism initiatives underway include:

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